UTAUNZ Custom maps

Hello all

Just to give you an update, a few maps, mod and mutator have been added

Community made maps (Originals)

Made by community member Heresiarch, great stuff! Please jump on the UTAUNZ hub and try them out. He would definitely welcome the feedback in the community discord channel

UT99 ported maps

  • CTF-McSwartzly
  • CTF-Thornsv2
  • CTF-Lavagiant
  • CTF-Bleak (thanks to cafe for providing the link)
  • Soon to come – CTF-Face][ (remaking, as the previous version borked)

UT4 map shells

  • CTF-Outside (thought it was removed, but had been renamed)
  • DM-Chill_shell (same reason with CTF-Outside)


  • Hitsounds (not Enhanced play, due to security risks)
  • Absolute Elimination (similar to UT99 Rocket Arena). Check out some gameplay footgage below!


Thank you!

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