UT4 Troubleshoot

Joining the UTAUNZ and Epic Sydney hub

To run the game, 2 steps involved.

Step 1, run the shortcut

Step 2, Under ‘Unreal Tournament’ tab, go to play and click on Launch

To join a hub, under Play go to Find a Game

then choose the hub

Running UT4 without the launcher (taking forever to connect to launcher)

For those who are unable to run the launcher to play prealpha of UT4

First find where you install your copy of UT4, usually on default

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UnrealTournament\Engine\Binaries\Win64

Look for the file “UE4-Win64-Shipping.exe” then proceed onto the next step

Create a UT4 shortcut, right click on it and go to properties.

add the line “-SaveToUserDir” after the UnrealTournament, example picture below.

Windows 7 version (credit goes to Blaise)

Windows 10 version

Move the shortcut to your desktop and you’ll be able to run UT4 without the launcher, it’s only required if a new build releases.

Connecting to UnrealPrime Sydney #1 with the redirection broken

Download the map from this site – https://ut.rushbase.net/unrealprime/Redirect

Put the files into this folder


Saving your HUD settings solution

Unfortunately the HUD settings part, isnt yet fixed, doesn’t save the settings, you need to go to player settings or any other settings and click save

so it’ll say “profile saved”


Unreal Prime hub

Some of you may notice how you join the game, but it keeps coming up with this message saying it’s stuck on connecting to the server and trying to download the Unreal Prime weapons mod. Please leave it opened, as there is a current bug and it’ll be replicated as soon as possible.

screenshot of the example attached