UT Level Design Contest

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For any mappers out there, or people that have had a passing interest in mapping in the past, it could be a great opportunity to get involved!

Unreal Tournament Level Design Contest

Epic Games is teaming up with Mapcore for their latest level design contest for one of our newest gametypes, “Showdown”.

There are some great prizes and the Unreal Tournament team will vote for their favorite submissions. The results will be shared during a live stream on the Unreal Tournament Twitch channel.

Depending on how close the entries are to release quality, Epic will evaluate the possibility of adding one or more of the winning entries into the Unreal Tournament Marketplace or even the game.

Should this become a reality, Epic will work directly with the level designer(s) just as was done with Captain Migraine for DM-Lea andJayoplus for CTF-Pistola.

The prizes are as follows:

  • First Place ($1650) and Epic Swag Bag
  • Second Place ($850) and Epic Swag Bag
  • Third Place ($500) and Epic Swag Bag
  • Fourth Place ­ Honorary Mention and Epic Swag Bag
  • Fifth Place ­ Honorary Mention and Epic Swag Bag

For the official rules and more information, head over to Mapcore! You can read more about Showdown HERE.

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