Competition structure

  • There are 5 teams;
  • Each team will play each other twice (8 matches in total) in the preliminary rounds.


  • After the preliminary round teams will be primarily ranked by wins and then secondarily by cap differential (+/-), if wins are equal;
  • The 5th ranked team will be eliminated from the finals;
  • The remaining 4 teams will play off in 2 semi finals – 1v4, 2v3, with the winner facing off in the grand final;

Map Selection

  • There are 6 maps to choose from, see ‘Approved Map’ List below;
  • Any 3 of the 6 maps may be played in the first match between each team;
  • The remaining 3 maps (ie. the 3 maps not played in the first round) will be played in the second match between each team;
  • For the semi-finals and grand final, each team will pick 1 map (from the Approved Map List), and agree on a 3rd;
  • If a 3rd map cannot be agreed upon, the admin panel will choose one;
  • If a team would like to play a map outside of the approved map list below, it will require agreement from both captains, and an admin.

Approved Map list

  • Outside
  • GrendelKeep
  • Blank
  • Azcanize
  • Quick
  • Pistola

Approved Mutators

  • Hitsounds
  • Weapon Replacement (Redeemer -> Impact Hammer)

Match Submissions

  • The winning captain is to take screenshots at the end of each map, and submit to this forum.
  • To help with the recaps, please include any other useful, relevant, or interesting information about the match.
  • Any video highlights would be welcomed.

General notes

  • Most players/captains involved in the competition can be contactable via the #utaunz IRC channel. You may also use the community discord channel for discussion and planning;
  • All games are to be played on the Unreal Hub. All the maps and mutators used in the comp are downloadable via the Hub;
  • All players must ensure all maps and mutators be downloaded and verified to be working well in advance to the time of the match,
  • All players turn up no later than 15 minutes before the match to help avoid any unforeseen issues;
  • The existing UT4 Australia Teamspeak server (ip: will be used for all voice comms and it is highly recommended all players be prepared and have a mic handy;
  • If a person drops out or is otherwise rendered unable to play and there is no substitute player available at the time, the impacted team can elect to either play on, forfeit, or postpone to a date approved by the competition’s admin (see Admin below);
  • The semi-final and final matches cannot be postponed unless both teams agree, and this is subject to the chairperson’s approval;
  • In the event of a dispute between teams, a member of the admin team will act as mediator. Any decision on an issue will be final;
  • If an admin’s team is involved in the dispute then it is recommended a mediator from another team make the decision.

Red Card Offences

If you, or your teammate incurs a red card, for any of the following behaviour, that player cannot be replaced. The game cannot be postponed. You must either play with 1 less player, or forfeit the match.

Behaviour that may result in a red card includes:

  • Verbal abuse. Any racist, homophobic, or unnecessary swearing will not be tolerated;
  • Rage quitting. If you disappear without notifying your teammates during a match, you cannot be replaced;
  • Any other anti social or unacceptable behaviour that will be dealt with at the discretion of the admin team.

Admin contact

If any captain, or team member has any issues or concerns, please contact one of the admin team below. One, or all, will usually be available on the #utaunz irc channel

  • bacon buster
  • raaksha
  • redfoxxx
  • elixxan

All Star game

At the end of the regular season, we will choose the top 10 players to face off in an All Star showmatch.

The players will earn their spot as below:

  • Top 4 Attackers (based on average caps per game, minimum 7 games)
  • Top 4 Defenders (based on average returns per game, minimum 7 games)
  • Top 2 Support (based on average cap assists per game, minimum 7 games)

Once the top 10 players have been confirmed, the 2 top attackers (based on highest average flag caps per game, minimum 7 games), will be made captains.

Each captain will pick from the remaining pool of 8 players, until each team have 5 players.

As with the Grand Final, there will be 3 maps played. Each team will choose a map, and agree on a 3rd. If a 3rd cannot be agreed upon, the admin team will choose.