What is a PUG?

Pick Up Games, allows you to signup for random games with other players and have a match.

How do i signup?

You join a chat session – http://webchat.globalgamers.net/?channels=utaunz

What the chat session looks like.

and just type !addme, you’ll be sign up and once it hits 10 players, WaldenWeb (Pugbot) will auto assign you to a team and send you a message on which game server you join, teamspeak server to connect to and the team you’re on (eg. red or blue).

PUG bot commands and what they do.

The PUG bot “WaldenWeb” also have other commands to use

!status – checks to see if players have signed up or if there’s a game going displaying the players who are registered.

!addme – adds you to the PUG game

!vote – After you sign up, you can vote for a map that’s listed.

If you decide to leave the channel, unfortuntely you’ll be automatically deregistered from the PUG list, allowing someone else to register your spot. Try your best to stay inside the channel

PUG completed list

  • Displaying current PUG teams when checking the !status of the PUG
  • Displaying the PUG teams, when attempting to !addme while a PUG game is in session.
  • Admin can change number of PUG slots before rego begins.
  • Changing the context of the signup.


  • Adding a queue system, if more than max PUG slots join
  • Adding a gametype