Author: Demolution


UT4 PUGs on Discord

To sign up for small Pick Up Games (PUG).

You need to get or go to the Discord session here

Next thing is, click on #pug

You can list out what game modes UTAUNZ has to offer.

Then join by going .j gametype

More information about it, just type .help and the UTAUNZ Pug bot will send you a private message listing out the commands.



UTAUNZ hub now live…

Hello everyone,

Great news! after much searching around, finally have a UTAUNZ hub of our own.

We can add custom content on it too.

For those who are willing to donate – you can here:

for future upgrades.

admin(s) so far:

With the hub now, can organise a seperate pug match using WaldenWeb, soon to be implemented