Author: UT4 Clan Wars Admin


Welcome To UT4 Clan Wars!

UT4 Clan Wars is purely a “PUG or Competitive Match-Making” site for the Australian & New Zealand Unreal Tournament Community.  Easily register and Join a current Clan or simply create your own clan from scratch!  You can also connect with your fellow UT player by adding them to as your friend or sending them a private message.  The “Challenge a Clan” feature allow you to challenge and setup the time, date, map and any other specifics relating to the type of challenge you wish to have.  All the other clan has to do is accept and its game on!



FREE TO JOIN Community PUG Clan

Join the Community PUG Team which is open to all players and skill levels. The Community PUG Team will run regular matches against other well known and skilled Clans throughout the UT4 network. The main purpose of having a community team is so you don’t have to join a clan to play PUG matches or if your just a casual UT player looking to reach that extra step!

All players welcome to join the Community PUG Team :)


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