Community members Demolution and raxxy maintain the UTAUNZ Demolution hub/ Unreal Prime Sydney, which is kept up to date with regular maps as well as some old favourites. This hub is typically used for competitions as well as PUGs (pick up games – roughly organised on the fly). Join the hub and download the content so you’re ready to go.

Epic games also hosts an official hub which sees good numbers day and night

UTAUNZ.com is a community project, with content and info contributed by AU and NZ players. If you would like to get involved, please join the UTAUNZ IRC webchat and let us know what how you’d like to get involved :)


Beginning in 1999, Unreal Tournment is a fast paced competitive arena FPS. Players compete on in different maps, in various gametypes. There have been three major installments of UT before the current one in development:

  • Unreal Tournament (referred to as “UT99”)
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 (“UT2004” or “UT2k4”)
  • Unreal Tournament 3 (“UT3”)
  • Unreal Tournament (“UT4” – in development. The new game uses the same title as the original.)


UTAUNZ isn’t an official thing – it’s just UT players from Australia and New Zealand having a place to congregate. You don’t need to do anything except play online, or come and chat with us (IRC webchat or Teamspeak). The website and IRC are there if you want to say “Hi” or get advice from the other players.

There are lots of experienced players very willing to show you around the game in person if you ask for it, or even if you don’t.


Lots of people have been helping grow the UTAUNZ community over time. Recently:

  • Demolution – UTAUNZ Administrator.
  • eVeNfLoW – UTAUNZ Administrator.


  • redfoxx  – UT4 Comp and Videos;
  • elixan  – Videos and original UT4 Clan Wars creator;
  • bacon_buster  – Advisor and Content;
  • joel – News and Content;
  • the_hack (Ali Dark) – Webmaster;
  • slave – New designing of the site (combining the competition site and content together)

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