How does the competition work?

  • The admins, in conjunction with the community at large, have spent many hours trying to create 5 teams that are equally balanced. We want games between these teams to be close, hard fought, and most of all – FUN.
  • Please see the Rules page for information around the specific competition rules

Team List

  • Langel – led by bacon buster and redfox
  • Fear – led by sickz
  • Zen – led by snozzle and ROCK_UT

How do I get involved?

  • If you would like to join a team, please introduce yourselves in the #utaunz IRC channel or thecommunity discord channel. You will find one of the competition admins here (bacon buster, redfoxxx or raaksha). They will work out the best team for you to join.
  • If you would like to get involved in the competition in any other way (website contributions, video capturing (for replays, highlights), commentary, or wherever else you feel you could add value, please speak to the admin in the #utaunz IRC channel or the community discord channel.