New Build 1-4-16

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  • There is a new map – DM-Bio Tower. It is fully meshed, and bring back memories of crazy, silly DM play from UT99. It’s far from being a competitive friendly map, but that’s ok sometimes.
  • Weapons have been tweaked, rockets a little slower, combos a little smaller, but easier to active, flak spread widened. Most in the community seem to like the changes
  • Quick HUD – just under your crosshair, you have access to health, armour, and ammo count. These stats flash red when they are low. I think they are useful, give them a go.
  • Check out the release notes here for full details.

We have another new build of the Unreal Tournament pre-alpha for you to check out and play. We hope you enjoyed the new Chill deathmatch map introduced in the last build. This month we have a little surprise: Bio Tower! It’s a new fun little deathmatch arena with a full visual pass. Get ready for some bio goo craziness!

We’ve added a new “quick stats” HUD element near your crosshair to improve the display of critical information. This is still a prototype, and we’d love to get your feedback about it on the Unreal Tournament forums.



The New Bio Launcher weapon has been converted from blueprint prototype and polished. It’s an optional replacement for the classic Bio Rifle that you can find now in a few of our levels, like DM-ASDF.

  • Primary Fire launches grenades at medium velocity which are great for reaching hard to get to spots.
    • Once exploded a noxious cloud of bio gas sticks around for a short duration that isn’t terribly lethal but still very effective at area denial and finishing off severely hurt players.
    • Attempting to score direct hits is a little more difficult but most effective as the cloud is guaranteed to be in the hit players’ vicinity.
    • Also great for flushing other players out of chokepoints.
  • Alternate Fire charges a slow moving big blob of bio sludge that does high damage when fully charged.
    • Scoring a direct hit on enemy players is extremely lethal.
    • hen a charged blob hits the environment it will explode into a web that will explode on contact.
    • Great for throwing down a temporary road block when you are being chased or denying somebody else an escape.

We’ve made some tweaks to movement and weapons for this build. Most significantly, players move as if they were cylinders now (like past UT titles) instead of like capsules. This update also includes many other game enhancements, bug fixes and updates. You can read all of the changes on the Unreal Tournament wiki.

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